Team Spotlight: Reablement & Specialist Care Manager

Shortly after joining Abbots Care we began the tender process for the lead provider contract in Watford.  As part of this contract we also secured the SCAH pathway (now known as reablement) in the Watford area.  I was assigned to work on this pathway which opened up many doors for my career at Abbots Care. 


After holding many roles within Abbots, I transferred to Reablement and Specialist Care manager in 2022.  As part of this role I continue to work on the reablement pathway but focusing more on the data behind this and ensuring we meet our KPI contractual requirements.  Alongside this, I manage the specialist care looking after our live-in and complex Service Users.  These individuals are those who require more advanced support with specialist trained Care Workers including spinal, peg and epilepsy care. 

I have also continued to grow in this role and am now the registered manager for our Dorset and Buckinghamshire Branches.

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