Team Spotlight: Care Coordinator

Let’s take five minutes to ask five questions with team member Lauren to find out more about the all-important role of a Care Coordinator.

Hi Lauren, in a nutshell, can you tell us about your responsibilities as a Care Coordinator?

I’m responsible for organising weekly care rotas ensuring that care in the community is delivered on time and to an excellent standard.  This means planning and allocating cover for any absence, holiday and sickness that may occur, as well as answering queries, resolving issues and documenting all feedback to ensure that we are always taking steps to improve our care service.

What are your hours and place of work?

I’m based in our central support office in St Albans and am contracted to 42 hours a week, this includes on call support time.  On call time involves some mornings, evenings and alternate weekends, after all, care isn’t a 9-5 industry.

What three skills would you say are key to being successful in this role?

Strong communication, resilience and being approachable.

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