Home Instead is Hiring 25,000 Care Professionals in 2023

By now you’ve probably heard the news: the world’s population is getting older. In fact, by 2034 those 65+ are expected to outnumber those 18 or younger for the first time in history.

Why is this significant? As the roughly 71 million baby boomers enter the stage of life where they need more assistance, the care industry will need to increase its workforce by 30% to meet the growing demand and avoid a possible elder care crisis.

For those looking to start their career in the care industry, or find fulfillment in an essential role, this is a golden opportunity to jump into one of the fastest growing and most stable workforces. Home Instead, the leading in-home care provider in the world, plans to hire more than 25,000 North American Care Professionals in 2023 alone. These Care Pros provide invaluable in-home services – such as medication management and meal prep – that allow older adults to age in their own homes. Additionally, these in-home professionals also build lasting connections and friendships with the adults they care for, preventing social isolation and loneliness.

“A career in caregiving provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose,” said Jisella Dolan, chief advocacy officer for Home Instead. “Caregiving also matches many of the characteristics people are looking for in their work; including job security, flexibility and the ability to make a difference.”

Leaving a Mark

While other industries have seen sluggish growth since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for home care is higher than ever. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics is forecasting the industry to skyrocket over the next decade, with an average growth of 21% – or more than 700,000 jobs – per year. Compare that with the average industry growth projection of just 7%. That means that home care jobs will continue to be in high demand.

It’s a career that’s also held in high regard. According to Home Instead research, 92% of Americans already consider in-home Care Professionals to be essential, and believe the role can pave a path to nursing and other health careers. It’s also a career where workers can develop their skills over time, and almost immediately see their impact with their clients.

“In-home care supports a better quality of life for older adults. And it has immense potential to reduce the burden health systems are experiencing as our aging population continues to grow,” said Dolan. “Care Professionals also provide respite for millions of family caregivers who are feeling the pinch of caring for aging parents, often while raising children and working outside the home.”
Home care companies like Home Instead are working with global organizations such as the OECD and Global Coalition on Aging to urge governments to invest in the care workforce and find ways to better integrate healthcare into the home.


An Empowered Workforce

Home health care has come a long way over the years. Not only can aging adults receive more acute services and specialized care, Care Pros are finding better benefits and on-the-job support.

Dolan noted that new technology, developed by Honor – the parent company of Home Instead – is helping empower some of its Care Pros by giving them better tools to do their jobs and recognizing them for the work that they do. These tools include a Care Pro app that allows caregivers to structure their schedules, see performance reviews, and receive up-to-date information on their clients.

“As the leader in the industry, we are committed to providing an unparalleled employment experience for our Care Pros through robust training and career development, consistent compensation and benefits, and technology that allows Care Pros to have control over their schedule,” Dolan said. “At the same time, the professional status of home care workers must be elevated to align with the demand for this type of care and the skills it requires.”

Looking to kickstart your care career and make a difference to an older person’s life? Visit HomeInstead.com/careers for opportunities in your area.

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