Annual Scientific Meeting of Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine 2007 (29 September 2007)

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The Annual Scientific Meeting 2007 was held at Regal Kowloon Hotel on the 29 September 2007. The seminars, conducted by several specialists, talked about common pediatric diseases and the newest treatment methods. The event attracted a great deal of doctors and medical staff
from different medical units and the attendance was good.


(Left)HomeCare’s booth was crowded with doctors and nurses who are looking for new technology in sleep apnea treatment.
(Right)Our sales manager was introducing our new product to doctor.


(Left)HomeCare’s booth, showing a full series of respiratory products.
(Right)Sunrise Medical is one of the hot selling brand of HomeCare. The picture shows the Asial Pacific sales manager of Sunrise, Ms.Lee Chiew Ling(Middle), distributor of Sunrise brand in Mainland China, Mr.Jeffery Chan (Left) and distributor of Sunrise brand in Hong Kong, Mr.Steven Lau(Right).

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