An Innovation of Sleep Study technology – SOMNOscreen™ plus

An Innovation of Sleep Study technology – SOMNOscreenTMplus



SOMNOscreen™ plus, comparing to conventional methods of PSG, is an improved system and gives patients a better experience overall. Conventional Sleep Study Test includes EEG, EOG, EMG, Nasal/ Oral Flow, Chest/Abdomen Activity, Microphone, ECG, Position and Oximetry. However, with our new SOMNOscreen™ plus, bigger parameters of data can be defined and measured in an accurate manner. It has also been improved in different aspect, such as:


1. Palm-sized portable system
– smallest system that offers full PSG in the market today and weighs only 220 grams
2. Wireless technology
– 100m of wireless range; provide comfort to patients as they free to move around and even go to the bathroom
3. Continuous blood pressure
– shows display of systolic and diastolic blood pressure curve, and keeps track of fluctuating pressure changes
4. Video recording
– fully synchronized video documents any movements or activities
5. Quality certified
– DIN EN ISO 9001:2008,
DIN EN ISO 13485:2010 and 93/42/EC; standard of AASM




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