Why Abbots Care? Explaining our unique approach

It may seem obvious, but careers in care require people who care. After all, people are at the heart of the care sector; staff and service users alike.

So, if you’re considering one of the many care worker jobs available – whether domiciliary care worker or live-in care assistant – you’re likely someone who places people at the heart of everything you do. A supportive, family-oriented type who always puts the needs of other first.

In other words, you’re someone like us.

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A Family of Carers

Abbots Care is a unique, family-operated business, built from the ground up by those who understand the importance of care worker jobs, and were saddened to see it forgotten about in the sector. Founded in 1995, Abbots Care was designed with a specific idea in mind; to build a family of like-minded people, from support workers to home care workers, working together to deliver the kind of care that we ourselves would like to receive.

And that ideal is true for our staff, too. We don’t believe in closed doors at Abbots Care; and there’s nothing we love more than a personal connection, whether a quick chat over a coffee, or a heart-to-heart after a challenging shift.

We understand that care worker jobs are amongst the most important a person can have, and at the heart of all care worker jobs is family. After all, family is more than just those you’re related to; it’s those who support you, those who make an impact to your everyday life, those who lift your spirits when you’re not even sure they can be lifted.

To us, that’s what support workers are. Family. And that idea is at the heart of who we are.

That’s why Abbots Care jobs offer amazing training and development; once you’re part of our family, we want to keep you.

Caring for Carers

At Abbots Care, we truly believe in putting people first. But for our service users to receive the CQC Outstanding support that we provide, our care workers need to be supported, too.

We’re passionate about supporting our staff, and it’s something we felt was missing with other care providers, who didn’t seem to understand that care worker jobs need to value the health and wellbeing of care workers.

Care worker jobs can be the most rewarding, uplifting roles imaginable, but no support worker role is without challenge. At Abbots Care, our family-minded approach means that we lift each other up when things get difficult. For example, our Abbots Care Wellbeing app allows anyone in our variety of care worker jobs to connect to one other; sharing feelings, snippets of advice and praising and supporting one another.

Caring for carers isn’t just something we say, it’s something we believe.

Careers in Care with Abbots

At Abbots Care, we have a variety of support worker jobs available, ranging from domiciliary care worker to live-in care assistant, home care worker to dementia care worker, so whatever area you’d like to focus on, we can help you with training, support and encouragement.

It’s what family do.

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