Team Spotlight: Care Worker Liaison Officers

How long have you been with Abbots Care?

I have worked at Abbots Care for six years now, I began as a Care Coordinator then expanded my career into Care Worker Liaison Officer – Alix

I started working for Abbots care in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic into an industry I was unfamiliar with. To say I was nervous is an understatement but despite this I was immediately humbled by the dedication, compassion and bravery shown by the Care Workers I was meeting in such a challenging time – Michelle

What makes you proud to work in this sector?

Working in the care sector can be challenging at times but it’s very rewarding to know you’re helping people and making them happy. At some stage in everyone’s life we will need some sort of support from the care industry and I think giving back to the community is a lovely thing to do – Alix

I spread my time between the office and running the local hubs although I enjoy working with my wonderful team in the office, the hubs are my passion. I love to meet the Care Workers and hopefully help them to feel appreciated and valued as part of the Abbots Family. I continue to feel privileged working in a sector that I hadn’t really appreciated until now and look forward to continuing to support. If you haven’t already met me pop along to one of the hubs, I’d love to see you – Michelle

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