Important notice of sleep CPAP machine

Important notice of sleep CPAP machine

Our company has recently received several complaints about patients had bought  DeVilbiss Healthcare sleep ventilator parallel-products from other unknown importers or online stores in Hong Kong and they could not enjoy any pre-sale and after-sales service. Finally due to improper use of the machine and lead to the damage of it or cause discomfort. In regard to this seriousness of the incident, our company has issued the following notice and hope that others can pay attention to it.


When choosing a medical device, you should carefully select a reliable device supplier. As medical equipment is different from other retail products, there must be a professional staff to follow up the situation in order to use safely. If people buy DeVilbiss Healthcare sleep ventilator products from other unauthoritative medical equipment importers / online stores in Hong Kong, there will be neither follow-up services nor any professional technicians who regularly monitors the operation of the machine and efficacy and so on. Therefore, in order to ensure the use of safety and avoid unnecessary risks, please pay attention to the following matters when purchasing to prevent buying unknown origin of goods and cause any accident.


 128x297mm VER2-01 128x297mm VER2-02
  1. Does the company have a certificate of medical instrument issued by the Medical Device Control Office of the Department of Health Hong Kong Special Administrative Region?
  1. Is the company a legal authorized agent for DeVilbiss Healthcare from the United States?

Homecare Medical Co., Ltd. receives high reputation over 20 years of experience. We are the only legal authorized agent from the United States DeVilbiss Healthcare in Hong Kong and are listed as medical instrument importers by the Medical Device Control Office of the Department of Health of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


If you have any questions about the above information, please contact our company.


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