Coping with Post Lockdown Anxiety

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Lockdown restrictions have started to ease across the UK, and some of us are looking forward to getting back to routine and familiarity. But many people will also be feeling anxious and apprehensive about resuming normal life after months in lockdown.

Perhaps you’re worried about your own health, or unsure about how best to protect your loved one, or unsure how to follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines correctly. Some people may also feel anxious about mixing with others again or being exposed to social situations, for example on public transport. These are all perfectly normal feelings so we’ve put together some guidance on how you can help yourself or a loved one.

Reach out to someone

Whether you need support for yourself, or for a loved one, a trusted friend or family member is always a good source of support as you start resuming daily routines. Equally, our fully trained care experts are here to offer compassionate support and advice. Share your fears and concerns with someone you feel comfortable talking to – The chances are they’re experiencing similar feelings. Sharing how you’re feeling with someone else can help ease any anxiety you may be feeling. If you’re feeling worried about returning to work, speak to your employer beforehand to find out how they can make your return to work as safe and stress-free as possible.

Find out what the latest guidance says

Familiarising yourself with the latest guidance will make you feel more confident when you go out. Some people may find that watching the news triggers their anxiety, so try to limit this to only once a day and ensure your guidance comes from reliable sources such as the government website

Prioritise your wellbeing

After months without access to things that would normally make us feel good, now is the time to prioritise you! Try to eat a healthy diet, limit your alcohol intake, exercise regularly and get good-quality sleep. If going out makes you feel anxious, perhaps start with a quiet woodland walk where the surrounding area is quiet and peaceful, or start taking short walks to a local coffee shop or even just around the block to get fresh air. Things you can also try at home include meditation, arts & crafts, listening to your favourite music, getting lost in your favourite book or simply making a phone call to a trusted friend or loved one. Whatever makes you feel good, give it a go, and you will soon see the positive effects on your wellbeing.

Stay positive and plan for the future

Never has there been a more important time to stay positive and make plans for the future. Try to take pleasure from the little things you are now able enjoy, whether this be a coffee from the coffee shop, or visiting a friend for a socially distanced garden chat. Being proactive is a great way to combat anxious feelings, and what better way than to start planning things you can look forward to. Working towards these goals will have great benefits for your overall outlook and wellbeing.

Our care teams are always here to offer help and support should you be worried or struggling with post-lockdown anxiety.

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